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„Onely may be the most advanced Technical SEO agency on the planet.” – Seer Interactive

Previously the SEO half of Elephate (2018’s “Best Small SEO Agency” in Europe), CEO Bartosz Goralewicz and his specialized team recognized that the industry was changing and decided to go even more technical by founding Onely – The One and Only Technical SEO House.

 Onely works with Fortune 100 companies and other major international brands while continuing to push the envelope in Technical SEO. Onely has a unique approach to how it works with clients, which is reflected in its one-of-a-kind workflow, transparent price list, and highly detailed reports.

Goralewicz has been a staple in the SEO industry for over a decade and a thought leader in the field of JavaScript SEO. Goralewicz’s experiments and research on JavaScript SEO have had a profound effect not only in the field of JavaScript SEO but on how Google deals with JS websites. 

While Google’s impact on SEO is incalculable, Onely is proud to be one of the few to have directly impacted Google. 

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